Blog Post 2

Our quick and easy test will provide general guidance about the state of your hip or knee health

Take the following test. Score each of the following activities on this scale:

  • 0 for extreme difficulty or unable to perform
  • 1 for quite a bit of difficulty
  • 2 for moderate difficulty
  • 3 for a little bit of difficulty
  • 4 for no difficulty

  Usual work, housework, daily activities.
  Hobbies, recreational activities, sports.
  Safely get in and out of a bathtub.
  Walking between rooms.
  Putting on shoes and socks.
  Lifting objects (like a bag of groceries) from the floor.
  Performing light daily activities at home.
  Performing heavy activities at home.
  Getting in or out of a car.
  Walking two blocks.
  Walking a mile.
  Going up or down 10 steps.
  Standing for one hour.
  Sitting for one hour.
  Running or walking fast on even ground.
  Running or walking fast on uneven ground.
  Making sharp turns while walking fast.
  Hopping or a skip step.
  Rolling or turning in bed.

Total score: _____/80

The higher the score, the more functional you are and less likely to need surgery for a new knee. For example, 80 out of 80 points is normal. 60 and above is fairly functional. 40 to 50 points is a danger zone. Below 40 and I suggest you speak to a doctor about surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon will help you decide if a hip or knee replacement is best for you.

If you do not have an orthopedic surgeon, or you’d like a second opinion, contact me now.